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Established in 2003, Beautiful Health is specialized in development, production and sales of spunbond, melt-blown nonwoven and its post treatment. Beautiful Health has been diligently and continuously working with customers to establish a fully integrated manufacturing process and supply chain. As a result, customers can enjoy superior quality and services in order to gain technological prowess and competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Beautiful Health currently produces more than 100,000 metric tons of nonwoven fabrics on an annual basis that are widely used in three industries: 

(1) Hygiene market: Nonwoven products for the hygiene market include hydrophilic, hydrophobic, super-soft, silky-soft, perforated, embossed and elastic nonwovens. 

(2) Medical market: We provide nonwoven fabrics with excellent barrier properties for the medical market. In addition, we offer post-treatments such as alcohol and blood repellency as well as antibacterial laminated materials to meet the market demands for performance, protection, comfort and competitiveness.

(3) Industrial market: Our Nonwoven, with a wide range of color options can be used for furniture, nonwoven bags and covering cloth for agriculture. Other post-processing methods include antistatic, flame retardant, antimicrobial, and anti-aging treatments are available.

Relying on the R&D technology and production advantages of the non-woven fabric, we are dedicated to provide Turn-key Nonwoven Solutions. Meanwhile, we have equipped with 100,000-grade cleanroom which is complied with the requirement of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), coupled with a high standard laboratory and an ethylene oxide (E+O) sterilizers. Our company produces and delivers multiple categories of clinically-superior products including isolation gown, surgical gown, protective coveralls, medical face mask, medical protective face mask, surgical drape and surgical pack, etc.

Each Beautiful Health employee believes in the same principles: steady progress, honest operation, and shared success. These values have been the essential elements of our corporate culture and of our very existence. Our goal is to tailor, in the form of providing timely delivery, efficient and courteous service, superior quality, and reliable products. Having a diverse team with experience in many areas of the nonwovens industry, we strive to deliver complete satisfaction to our customers.



Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240       

   Fax: +86-757 8691 6230        E-mail: info@btf.top 


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Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240                                                                        Fax: +86-757 8691 6230                                                                                          E-mail: info@btf.top 





© 2018 | 廣東必得福醫衛科技股份有限公司  版權所有


                          Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240                               Fax: +86-757 8691 6230                             E-mail: info@btf.top 



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  Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240                     Fax: +86-757 8691 6230                        E-mail: info@btf.top 


© 2018 | 佛山市南海必得福無紡布有限公司  版權所有