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With more than 20 years of experience accumulated in the non-woven industry and relying on continuous technological innovation, Beautiful Nonwovens has been committed to providing high-quality spunbond nonwoven, SMS, meltblown and other specially treated products for related industries and users, which are widely used in the industrial field.



Our engineered nonwoven fabric is the best choice for industrial application:

◆ Exceptional abrasive resistance and superior barrier property

◆ Features with non-toxic, antibacterial, and corrosive resistant properties 

◆ Waterproof and highly breathable

◆ Outstanding tensile and tearing strength, extremely uniform appearance

◆ Great thermal and dimensional stability, easy for converting and post-processing

◆ Excellent colorfastness, environmental friendly

◆ Meets British BS5852 flame retardant standard

◆ Oeko-Tex? STANDARD 100

◆ BS EN 1149-1 resistivity standard



Our polypropylene spunbond, SMS and composite nonwoven materials are widely used in a variety of industrial applications including home furnishing, packaging, household products, automotive accessories and disposable aviation products.


Industrial applications:

1、Furniture: cushion covers, seat covers and bottom lining of Sofa, Wrapping, spring pockets and Isolation Lining of mattress.

2、Packaging: Shopping bags, gift bags, electronic device packaging and flower wraps.

3、Household products: quilt, pillow and cushion cover, indoor and outdoor furniture cover, storage cases, hanging organizers, etc.

4、Transportation accessories: headrest cover and pillow tick.


Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240       

   Fax: +86-757 8691 6230        E-mail: info@btf.top 


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Tel: +86-757 8691 0199                                                             Fax: +86-757 8691 6230                                                   E-mail: info@btf.top 





© 2018 | 廣東必得福醫衛科技股份有限公司  版權所有


                          Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240                               Fax: +86-757 8691 6230                             E-mail: info@btf.top 



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  Tel: +86-757 8691 0199 / 8691 6240                     Fax: +86-757 8691 6230                        E-mail: info@btf.top 


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